The Stafford Public School's Learner will:
  • Actively engage in and take ownership of learning, school, and extracurricular activities.
  • Act responsibly and ethically to benefit the broader community.
  • Work effectively with people from a range of social and cultural backgrounds.

By the end of Grade 5, students will...
  By the end of Grade 12, students will...
  • Demonstrate an awareness and ability to build relationships with people from varying social and cultural backgrounds.
  • Recognize that their online participation leaves a digital footprint.
  • Engage and maintain a respectful and appropriate two-way communication (asking and answering).
  • Asking appropriate questions to deepen understanding, clarify instructions, and enhance student-led conversation.
  • Transfer social competencies into the broader community.
  • Participating actively in all facets of their school experience.
  • Utilizing flexible thinking and apply social competencies to cope with change.
  • Recognizing, celebrating, and learning from the success of others.

  • Value and demonstrate an understanding of global citizenship and cultural understanding.
  • Demonstrate a moral compass and consistent pattern of ethical, responsible decision making.
  • Ask appropriate questions to understand all perspectives (sensitivity and tact).
  • Understand the importance of putting community before self.
  • Make decisions to benefit those around you.







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